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Case projects

Brief example of unique garage stands or carpors for two vehicles, covers for motorcycle, boat, etc.

Steel canopy design for your luxury car.

Steel construction called STEEL CARPORT TT for two cars in a row.

We can cover all your vehicles. Before - after. Sample of roofing parking space 12 x 9 metrů.

We manufacture covers for camper vans. Shelter for camper van Adria 8,5x6 meters. Before - after

Before and after - realization of car shelter. Design solution. Shelter for 3 vehicles. Cover used: special Tarp.

Steel carport T 6x3 meters. Unique inclined version following the terrain.

Steel shelter for two vehicles, no center roof pillar: bronze tint polycarbonate

Steel shelter for one vehicle. Dimensions: 5x2,85meters

Carport for auto galvanized before and after installation

Steel garage shelter, galvanized. Dimensions: 5x2,85meters

Detail of shelter bracing. Stainless steel

Realization of carport  for 3 vehicles 12x9. Implemented into existing support.

STEEL D -  steel shelter for the caravan and one car

The functional element -  the protection vehicle from the snow in winter

Special design of custom high snow loads, lighting a box for bins

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