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Custom built shelters

Do you desire or are you looking for individual, unique garage shelter, carport, garage stand or covering of your vehicle? Are you unable to choose from the offer of common shelters or standardized car shelters or garages? Does none of the usually offered solutions fit your needs? Are the usual shelters too low, high or too short?

Would you like such solution which exactly meets your needs and fits your house and surroundings?

Or would you prefer to join a multi-purpose car roof with extended shelter for bicycles, lawnmowers, or for storing things that will not fit in your garage or closet?

The side walls are not only design but also complement  carport practical element adds functionality to the space.

We are here for you! Our company specializes not only on the garage stands, vehicle shelters, carports, covering of balconies, terraces, doors and entry covers, but we are the number one on the market of customized manufacturing based on customer’s demands. Our solutions are perfect to the last detail.

We are able to fulfill even the most demanding requests from our customers. Are you interested in sheltering you new car? Do you want to be original and exceptional? How about to bring some shine on your luxury car?

Wrote about us in magazine MŮJ DŮM:

Garage shelters – new trend in modern living

Not every house or project has its own closed garage and even if it does it very often serves other than its original purpose. Also many families have more than one car these days and the original garage is not enough anymore. In moment like this, car shelter is the perfect solution for you. It offers many advantages: you will no longer unload your car in the rain, scrape the ice of your windshield or sweep of the snow. You no longer have to “flip the coin” to find out who is going to park in the garage tonight.

Many changes in the climate have occured in last years. Hailstones have damaged many cars. Car shelters, door covers and covered teraces from company PKB PRO s.r.o. are not only the perfect protection from the bad weather, but also a designer piece of art.This specialized company offer garage covers and shelters of several types and designes.

They are able to project solution which easily blends into existing place and perfects the surroundings. Shelter from steel or aluminum profiles beats its wooden competitors mainly in its lifetime and construction possibilities.


 The whole construction feels lighter, but subtle. It lasts several decades without maintanance. Construction does not require difficult and timeconsuming permitions from authorities.

Garage shelters offer wide range of use in both private and commercial field. These types of shelters are used on hotel parkingplaces, by golf and sport centers, luxury restaurants and corporate parking places. 


Car shleter will protect your car, motorcycle or boat from the impact of weather all year round. You will no longer worry obout bad weather, problems with show, hailstones, falling leaves, pollen or sunshine. Shelter above your car will prevent it from everything, even morning dew.

PKB PRO, s. r. o.
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101 00 Praha 10
tel.: 777 254 283

Contact Us +420 702 063 323 +420 777 254 283


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